Wild Western Theme Party Ideas

Wild Western Theme Party Ideas

There is little doubt that your western theme party is going to be one that your guests are going to love. With so many fun ideas, you are going to be having the time of your life. If you keep things simple and interesting you will find that your event is one that no one wants to miss!

Western Party Supplies

When you are setting up for this party, focus on a Wild West theme party.

Think about some of the fun things that people often attribute for cowboy parties. Take old barrels and troughs if you can find them as use them as part of your décor.

Western party decorations such as an inflatable cactus, tumbleweeds and similar plants can liven up the room. Oh, and don’t forget desert scene setters!

In addition to this, think about using Wanted posters, poker cards, horseshoes and even hay as a way to bring out the cowboy theme. When you do this, make sure you have fun and get as creative as possible!

You can even take your favorite western party theme posters and put them up in the room. The goal is of course to get this process done for as little as possible, but still give your guests an event that they will remember. See this list of western films to get your creative juices flowing.

For party favors, start with sheriff badges for everyone or decks of southwestern themed playing cards.

These will prove to be a hit and you will find that your guests will be appreciative of the items that you have given them.

Western Theme Party Ideas: Costumes

This theme is a lot of fun to dress up for. Both men and women will love putting on cowboy hats, books, western vests and wearing blue jeans. If there is a special person for the day, make them sheriff and give them a gold star badge. You can even toss in a nice bandana for them to give them a keepsake to always remember this day as well.

In turn, if people want to show up as robbers or even dress up as a cactus or horse, that can be great fun as well!

Just try to keep things centralized around western theme for the best results.

Western Theme Party Ideas: Games

This is one themed party where there will be plenty of things you can do. For example, the first thing you might want to do is set out and play a game of horseshoes. When you are done with that, you can move on to lassoing a bottle or other item that can be difficult to catch.

With that, you can then begin working on your old fashioned poker games. Everyone knows that the old west was famous for their card games, so bring them into play at your event.

Your guests are going to love them. In no time you will be having a great party that people will end up talking about for some time.

Of course, line dancing is one of the more popular choices when it comes to a western theme. Take your time to look up a fun dance that you can teach your guests. Then work together to get through a song that everyone can dance to. Most of your guests would definitely have a fun time doing this.

Western Theme Party Ideas: Food

Food ideas could possibly be one of the easiest for this theme. Think about your favorite BBQ items. Then begin working on a menu that is going to leave your guest looking for more.

Baked beans, biscuits, corn, hamburgers, steaks and other items will go over well with this theme. Of course, the added benefit is the fact that you get to feed more people on a limited budget. Alternatively if want something simple, look into jerky or similar items to get people satisfied until the main course.

With that, you can also choose to have a cake that can impress people. A cactus or cowboy boot would be the perfect choices for a western theme party. Although any item you come up with will certainly please the crowd that ends up showing up to your event.

If you are serving adults, beer is going to be the idea drink of choice, but children will love root beer just as much and have fun with their special drinks. When possible, find retro mugs that you can serve these drinks in. Your guests are going to love a western party theme.


The invitations for this party can be really creative. Think about creating wanted posters and having the guest’s picture inside of it. In turn you can use some good ole cowboy lingo to make this process a bit more fun as well and use a rope to help spell out the name. These little things are going to be what really stands out for them and leaves an overall impact that will carry over into your event.

Just be sure that as you go through this process, keep in mind the different age groups that will be looking to have fun.

A good idea will be to find a series of western theme party games that both adults AND children can do together and still have a great time doing them.

This ensures that everyone has a memorable time and that when they leave your event, they continue to talk about all the fun they had at your western theme party.

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