Tinkerbell Party Ideas

Tinkerbell Party Ideas

Tinkerbell is loved by most little girls and a Tinkerbell party full of little dressed up fairies is a sight for any parent to delight in.

There are many products on the market such as backpacks, lunch boxes, books and school supplies that can be given away as gifts for winning games.

Tinkerbell tablecloths, plates, and glasses are also on the market to decorate for a proper stylish Tinkerbell party. Real dishes rather than paper are also put out by Disney products as a special gift for a birthday girl or for a Christmas present. Movies on DVD can be purchased or rented to entertain Tinkerbell fans and are sure to be enjoyed at the party.

Cakes and cupcakes, cookies and other treats sprinkled with Tinkerbell’s magic powder are always loved. An activity that can be done at the party is to have the supplies for all the little girls to make Tinkerbell wands.

Some other activities could include making fairy wings or little Tinkerbell Tiaras. Many other crafts that include glitter and sparkles would also be well liked as it could be seen as fairy dust.

A Tinkerbell party would not be too different than a fairy party, so helping to make the party seem full of fairy magic will make it special for Tinkerbell fans.

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