Spider Man Party Ideas

Spider Man Party Ideas

Welcome To the Spider Man Party Ideas Page.

Spiderman spins a web and has captured the imagination of people for decades. He still keeps kids cheering even today. A Spiderman party will keep the kids entranced right from the get-go!

A cool Spiderman invitation would be made, of course, out of a spider’s web! Actually, this would be imitation, but it would look so real!

Perhaps you can use black thread or wire and wind it around, say rubber, cardboard, or some other material that will make the invitation appear authentic. You can let your kids help with this. They will have a lot of fun!

Décor can be simple: Spiderman’s web would be spun and draped around everywhere. Perhaps you can add a red/blue color scheme to characterize the scene.

See the Spider Man Party Supply for all the needed Spiderman party supplies, decorations, and favors. Background music can be the Spiderman soundtrack CD OR, if you can find it, the original Spiderman theme song. You can record it from the cartoon.

The kids can dress like their favorite webbed crusader or a Spiderman character, or they are asked to where something of a red/blue color scheme, just like Spiderman’s outfit!

As for food, a giant webbed cake, or a cake shaped like Spiderman or a Spiderman character. Perhaps you can get creative and make treats going along a spider theme.

For example, licorice treats formed into Spiderman’s web! You can play with this as well. You may find “spider” food a bit icky, but your son and his friends will LOVE it!

Spider Man Party Game & Activity Ideas

Spiderman’s Web—perhaps you can create some large form of Spiderman’s Web obstacle, maybe out of netting or Halloween spray, and have the kids physically work through it.

Perhaps you can have prizes “caught” in Spiderman’s Web, and the kids can struggle through it to get the prizes. Whichever prizes they get, they keep.

Making Spiderman’s Web—the kids are given spray or some other materials and make a spider web of their own. Perhaps it’s a Spiderman contest to see who can make the largest or most interesting web in, say, two minutes.

You can do this as many times as you want, but the kids can give you some indication to continue. Give prizes.

Spiderman Marathon—Have your child and his or her friends watch their favorite Spiderman shows or movies together.

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