Pirate Theme Party

Pirate Theme Party: Pirate’s Song!

Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! Yer pirate theme party ideas can be found here!

Send a treasure map as pirate party invitations, with “X” marking the spot. This will get both kids and adults excited and in the pirate spirit!

Buy yellowed parchment paper and calligraphy pen, draw a map to your house, and include address, day, and time.

Roll up the map and bound it with string, then deliver personally to each of the homes of the other little pirates. Decorate your basement to resemble a pirate’s den, with pirate party decorations such as lanterns, fake bottles rum with “X”s on the labels, a “bar”, wooden beams, and stuffed parrots.

Stitch a pirate flag or two and hang them appropriately on the walls. Perhaps, for effect, you can place a pirate-clothed skeleton in the corner with a mug of rum in its hand.

See our pirate birthday party supplies for all your needed pirate party decorations.

As for music, get the soundtrack to various pirate movies, especially Pirates of the Caribbean, and let them play on!

Every little pirate comes as their favorite pirate, perhaps from Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, Pintel, Ragetti, Will Turner, etc.

Girls can dress like female pirates, like Ana Marie. Don’t forget the eye patch. Argh!

Where’s the pirate grub? Maybe serve fish and potato salad on steel (or simulated steel) plates. Be creative! A Pirate needs his fill. Argh!

Pirate Party Games

Treasure Hunt—this is standard pirate theme party activity, but you can conduct it uniquely. Why not make a competition to get the excitement going?

Divide the little pirates into groups, give each group a map or set of clues and let them go! Winner keeps the treasure!

Hide other prizes, like chocolate coins, along the way for them to find.

Variation: instead of a treasure, let it be, say, “Davy Jones’ locker” or “the Book of Pirate Secrets”–not necessarily monetary, per se. Create a story behind it and why it needs to be found.

Build-a-Pirate-Ship—Supply match sticks, Popsicle sticks, linking logs, and other craft material and have them build their own pirate ship.

This can be done individually or in groups. Most original gets a prize.

Movie Marathon—let the little pirates enjoy hours of their favorite pirate movies. Let them decide.

Check out our pirate party games page for more great ideas.

I hope these pirate party ideas helped for a swashbuckling good pirate party. Arggh!

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