Hello Kitty Party

Hello Kitty Party Ideas

Hello Kitty Party – Crafts Galore!

Hello Kitty likes her tea parties, her scrumptious sweets, and her crafts. At a Hello Kitty tea party, you can have plenty of all three!

Hello Kitty party invitations can, interestingly, involve a combination of these qualities. How about a Hello Kitty cookie with a message written on it in thin, swirling icing, and an assemblage factor?

Consider sending little cloth-made clothes or hats or ribbons to put on the Hello Kitty cookie? Here, you have an invitation that is also food and a craft form (something you make into a unique presentation—a work of art!).

This would be fun, tasty, and challenging for you to make. What better way to get the guests’ interest than to send them food? And the kids would love dressing it (before devouring it, of course).

Decorations for a Hello Kitty party would go along the flower/heart motif, since Hello Kitty LOVES both. Her world is made up of them, so your Hello Kitty party should, too! You can make flowers out of various materials, like construction paper, cardboard, pieces of canvas, or plastic strips. The kids can even get in on it.

See the Hello Kitty Decorating Kit for all the needed supplies.

As for costumes, you have a couple different ways to go. First, go with the same flower/heart theme and ask that everyone where something with a cheerful flower/daisy/heart pattern (or any one of these). Since Hello Kitty always wears a bright ribbon in her hair, you can either send a ribbon (or ribbons) with each tasty invitation or hand them out as the guests arrive.

The second way you can go is to request fruit outfits. Hello Kitty has a variety of these—a pineapple outfit, a watermelon outfit, a strawberry outfit! In this way, each kid would be unique and still fit in. Some soft and cheerful music, perhaps created at home, would add that desirable Hello Kitty spirit.

Food? There is plenty! Rock cake, apple muffins, honey fruitcake, star-shaped cookies, lemon biscuits, and chocolate squares are all Hello Kitty favorites!

Hello Kitty Party Game & Activity Ideas

Crafts—some of Hello Kitty’s favorite crafts include embroidery, friendship bracelets, dolls, box-making, and homemade cards. You can supply the necessary accessories and have the kids and their parents work on their own projects together.

Games—Play Hello Kitty’s Sandcastle game—her version of “hangman” —where you create a phrase or the name of a person or thing and then have the kids guess the letters. You can play a variety of Hello Kitty games–including “Find-the-Friends,” which involves finding matching pictures. You can download many from the Internet. Give prizes for each one!

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