Costume Party Theme

Costume Party Theme

A costume party theme is a great way to escape everyday life and a great excuse to dress up. Who says you have to wait for Halloween? Costume parties are a fun option any time of year.

When planning your party, consider if you want to have an overall theme or an “everything goes” approach.

A theme can be anything, just make sure your guests are aware. This could be anything from ancient Egypt to westerns to favorite movie or book characters.

Use invitations accordingly, incorporating the theme if needed, or simply something fun and informative if you’re not using a theme. The primary concern is that your guests understand it’s a costume party! If you’ll be awarding “best costume” prizes, include a note about this in the invitation, as this will encourage attendees to put in the extra effort.

Decorations for a costume party can be as imaginative as you like. After all, you’re creating a fantasy world for a day, so have fun with it. Obviously, if you’re using a theme, decorate appropriately. Use inexpensive tools such as poster board to make cutouts or scenery and fabrics from second-hand or discount stores. Traditional items such as balloons, streamers, crepe paper, and confetti are also inexpensive and add a colorful, festive feel with minimal effort.

Choose your food options according to your theme. Keep in mind that it may be difficult for many guests to eat foods that require more effort and silverware, so think about tasty finger foods that are easy to eat! Drinks should follow the same idea–fun and easy.

Your music selection will compliment the theme, whether traditional cultural music or a great party mix. Compilation CDs can range in price, but they make music easy, so consider using some for your party.

Plan ahead so that you’ll have time to get into your own costume without stress. Enjoy the creativity and fun that only a costume party can provide.

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