Butterfly Party Theme

Butterfly Party Theme

Welcome To Our Butterfly Party Theme page.

Both kids and adults LOVE butterflies! They look pretty and they brighten up a warm, sunny day! A butterfly-themed party can do the same for your child(ren).

A nice butterfly invitation would include a butterfly, having wing-shaped flaps with ribs (toothpicks will work) and connected with the body as the spine. The words can be written in bright marker colors, written in the style of a child. As a matter of fact, your kid may actually like to write the butterfly invitations her- or himself.

Butterfly party supplies or decorations are simple: Butterflies everywhere! You and your kid can make butterflies in all colors and sizes out of construction paper and hang them from the ceiling and tape them to the walls.

You can even create tall flowers out of construction paper and tape them all around the walls or make three-dimensional ones, and tape a few large butterflies to them. Don’t forget the butterfly table clothes, plates and cups, and name tags as well!

One neat idea for the little ones’ costumes is to have them come dressed as their favorite butterfly, with cloth- or cardboard-cut wings. The kids will be so excited!

The centerpiece of the food table can be a butterfly-shaped cake.

One nice additional touch would be to have cupcakes serving as the links in caterpillar bodies. Caterpillars are “pre-butterflies,” so these will fit right in with the butterfly theme.

Mystery Butterfly

  • As each guest arrives, he or she is given a paper or cardboard butterfly with a number or a symbol on the back.
  • At the end of the party, the host draws a slip from a jar. Whoever has the butterfly with that number or symbol wins a prize. Variation: every butterfly has a covered space on it, but only one or two have winners; the rest or either “X” or have nothing.
  • Pull off the cover. Those butterflies with winners get a prize. This is sort of like a Butterfly Lottery!

Butterfly Games and Puzzles

Like “Find the Butterfly,” “Match the Butterfly,” and “Put the Butterfly Together.” You can find some butterfly games and puzzles on the Internet, download them, and print them out. It’ll be fun for you and the kids!

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