Black and White Theme Party

A black and white theme party can be a fun way to challenge yourself and your guests to celebrate together using all black and white decorations and attire.

While it may be difficult to transform a room into all black and white, you can find ways to come close! Browse your local second hand store for black and white sheets and blankets. You can use these for table coverings, and if you have enough, as wall hangings or draperies to set off part of the room.

Black and white balloons and crepe paper are inexpensive ways to add a festive flair.

If you don’t want to spring for black and white roses (which can add up quickly!), consider making fake flowers out of tissue paper. Simply gather the paper in the center and secure with some black or white pipe cleaners, and you’ll soon have a bouquet.

Lighten up the party with black and white retro sunglasses given to each guest as they arrive.

Silver is traditionally allowed at the black and white theme party, so use any silver accents you have available, such as candleholders or serving dishes. You can create your own accents out of silver paper, including stars and the moon to hang from the ceiling (use fishing wire or black thread) and spread around the floor and on the tables. Use decorative white star centerpiece as a focal point on each table.

Black and white party invitations will obviously be black and white as well. For a fun twist, consider using black invitations and write on them with silver and white gel pens. Make sure your guests understand that they are only allowed to wear black and white and that the attire is formal.

Food can be a bit challenging, and you may have to break the rules here a bit! You’ll want to serve more than Oreos, but think along the lines of white cheesecake with black or white frosting. Entrees need some creativity, but think along the lines of black beans, white cheeses, pastas and olives…and experiment! This type of party can be great fun for everyone involved.

I hope the black and white theme party page helped spark some fun ideas for your upcoming celebration!

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