Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor parties are one of the oldest traditions associated with getting married, and over the years they have got wilder, and more outrageous.

Although they are traditionally very risqué, and will often only involved older, more “open minded” men. However, there are some great PG bachelor party ideas that will guarantee that everyone can join in, and have some fun.

Planning is essential with bachelor party ideas, as you want to host it many weeks before the wedding. Although some people have them the night before this is becoming less popular due to the condition of the groom the next day.

Many grooms are beginning to understand that it is not worth ruining the biggest day of their life because they had too much to drink the night before. It the party is to be in a specific location you may also need to book it well in advance.

Location is very important when deciding to host a bachelor party, bars, and clubs are often the ideal place. They will often throw special events, and promotions for the evening, however, if it is aimed at a more PG environment a party at home is just as good. Every element of the bachelor party ideas need to be focused around the bachelor. His personality and likes need to be considered to ensure that he has a great time. You have to think about what the bachelor would be comfortable with, and not take it too far.

Bachelor Party Games & Activities

Casino nights and game nights are very popular bachelor party ideas, and can be easily created in someone’s home. You can create the ultimate casino at home, and ensure that every element looks like you, and the guests have stepped into a proper casino. The whole area can be decorated to include the theme that has been chosen, and create the perfect atmosphere to party in. Drinking games and bachelor party ideas go hand in hand, and although these can be a lot of fun you do need to drink sensibly.

Barbeques, and finger foods are excellent for bachelor party ideas, and the ideal way to include everything is to have an afternoon pig roast and a few beers with your friends, and family. Although bachelor parties are traditionally mad events they don’t have to be. Many people enjoy quieter parties especially if they want to include family as well as friends. The area can be decorated with photos from the bachelor’s childhood, and college days.

Embarrassing the bachelor is a huge tradition for bachelor party ideas, and this can be done with slide shows, videos, or stories from their youth. It is also a great way for everyone to come together, and bond before the big day. The invitations that are sent out will often be very simple, and if there is a theme it will be included on the invitation. Men hosting parties is very different to women, and although it seems chaotic it usually all goes to plan.

Gifts are often items to help the bachelor remember their days of being single, and men love to ensure that they hold onto a small part of their freedom. If gifts are given they are typically opened in front of everyone to ensure that ultimate embarrassment is achieved. Bachelor party ideas are all about the last attempt to be a young lad again, and many of the jokes, ideas, and gifts are done for humor purposes. Although they can be loud and boisterous events they can also be a pleasant gathering for the men to watch a game, or spend time together.

Although bachelor party ideas should be about the groom the brides feelings do need to be considered, and she may want to be told of the plans. Often there is never an issue if she is told what is going to happen to her future husband, it is only when shock photos or tales come to light will she be annoyed.

Weekends away have become very popular, and these can include sports weekends, paintballing, and water sports. It is a real opportunity for all of the men to let their hair down and enjoy a weekend doing boys things. Surprises can be thrown into the party no matter where it is held, and there are several different ways to ensure that the bachelor has a fantastic time.

The best man is often considered the best person to organize the event as they will know the bachelor better than everyone. If the bachelor party ideas are organized well, and the feelings of both the groom and bride are considered the party will be a success.

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