Baby Einstein Party Idea

If you are looking to host a party that is sure to go over well, choose one of the tried-and-true party ideas below.

Baby Einstein – Ingeniously Simple!

There’s nothing more ingeniously simple for a birthday party than Baby Einstein! The name says it all!

Invitations open with this idea. Each one has a primary color with a simple message: “Hello,” “How are you?” “Good Day,” “Welcome,” “You are invited…” etc. It is made of cardboard, construction paper, even plastic—featuring one Baby Einstein animal character (lion, dinosaur, dog, cat, beetle, tiger, duck, rabbit, or turtle). Baby Einstein cards have a little Baby Einstein toy animal inside that matches one of many prizes hanging from your ceiling at the party. Every child gets something—guaranteed!

The décor is as simple as 1, 2, 3! A Baby Einstein party is a room full of Baby Einstein toys—stuffed animals, numbers and alphabet games and puzzles. Both children and adults have constant mind-teasing fun and learning! Bright and airy…enough for a great relaxing Baby Einstein theme party! The kids come dressed as their favorite Baby Einstein characters. They are who they enjoy! Baby Einstein soundtrack CDs or some Sesame Street CDs are ideal for reinforcing that uncomplicated, easygoing atmosphere.

The food is just as basic and even more colorful. How about a long caterpillar cake, each ball a cupcake iced a different primary color and set in a wavy string? Jelly beans serve as eyes and licorice at antennae. Such Baby Einstein simplicity–sweet and Delicious!

Baby Einstein Activity Ideas

Since Baby Einstein birthday parties are for very young children, the toddler party games involve both parents and children.

Hanging Prizes—Children and parents pull from the ceiling a prize matching the Baby Einstein toy animal in their card. A surprise for all!

The Hidden Prize—one of the Baby Einstein stuffed animals contains a secret prize! Parents and kids go through them to find it. The finders get the prize and the Baby Einstein stuffed animal. How exciting!

Puppet Show—it’s a Baby Einstein puppet show that is fun for all! You can hire some high schoolers or local drama students to do the job!

Bingo—Parents and children play Baby Einstein bingo for prizes! BINGO!

It’s all fun! Anything goes at a Baby Einstein party!

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