80s Theme Party

80s Theme Party Ideas

Go Retro with an 80s theme party

Now that you’ve got that awesome idea to throw an 80’s theme party, you need to take into consideration some of the things that will go into making this party a hit and keep the budget at a reasonable level. You’re in luck, because you are going to find all the 80s party ideas you need right here.

80s Theme Party Decorations

One of the most important parts of the entire party is going to be the 80s party decorations and favors used. These help to keep the theme going and will certainly be an inspired way for you to get the feeling out there. When you think about the 80’s, you understand it is big hair and wild times.

Perhaps one of the most exciting things you can do that will instantly send people back in time is to give out a Rubik’s cube to each guest. This is the best favor for the day and they are a great giveaway option. Of course, you will want to be sure that you keep the theme going in your decorations as well.

Think big when you are setting things up. Large golden stars from the ceilings and plenty of 80’s theme party posters stuck to the walls and a personalized 80’s Banner to welcome guests. Think items the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Beuller’s Day off and similar items when you are using posters for your décor. In addition to that, dig out some of your old LPs and cassette tapes and toss them around as an additional visual that your guests are going to love.

If you have old VHS tapes, cut out the pictures from the boxes and plaster them on the walls in place of the posters and still get the 80s theme party out there for everyone to enjoy.

80s Theme Party Costumes

You might also want your 80s party costumes to inspire people and remind them of what the 80’s were all about. This was a reckless time when more was better. A good starting point for women will be excessive makeup and hairspray. Work your hair as big as you can and add in additional blush and eyeliner in the process.

Think of the vintage Madonna outfits of the time and then bring those looks into your costume. That means having outlandish attire that includes fishnet gloves and additional bracelets and bright, bold colors as well. Just keep in mind that for women there is really no limit to what you can do. For earrings, make sure they are long and dangle.

Men on the other hand will want to be more reserved. If you are looking for cool, then a jean jacket and dark sunglasses will be one option you have, while your next option might be a baggy shirt, pop star wig, and parachute pants. These are going to be the 80s theme party items you will want to take into consideration as you build you outfit.

For most people, the items in your closet, when done to the extreme can perfectly capture the theme of the 80’s. If you need more help with 80s costume ideas, see this helpful article 80s theme party fashion.

Check out this video below that shows how to make your own 80s theme party costume. There’s a short commercial at the beginning, but it’s worth the watch:

80s Theme Party Invitations

As you prepare your 80s party invitations, go fun and retro on these items! Think about famous sayings that you could bring into the text, while keeping your design tuned to some of the icons of the time. Think about adding in VHS tapes, Pac Man, or even some large earrings for designs.

For example, mention that you are having a totally awesome 80s theme party and then have a cassette tape stacked up at the header or focus on elements that remind of you of the 80’s. In this process, you can really design anything on your computer and take lines from songs and movies to help perfect them for your needs.

80s Theme Party Food

The parties of the 80’s were always big. So you will want to think about what was big in terms of food at the time. If you are going to have a cake, then you will want to think about some classic 80’s theme party items. You can do a VHS Tape, Nintendo Game or even a Rubik’s Cube for this.

Snacks are going to be a must and should include popular snacks of the time. Doritos, Cheetos, Pop Rocks (pink strawberry/ blue raz) and similar items will be your best bets. However, make sure that you blend in some pizza in the mix as well, since it was the official food of the 80’s.

Drinks are fairly simple. Coke and Pepsi remain some of the most popular drinks of the time and should be at the top of your list. Adding in a bowl of punch is great and if adults are around be sure that you give it a little spike as well. If children will be at the event, then you should keep the punch clean so they have something to enjoy as well.

80s Theme Party Games

For this theme, focus on games that were popular during the time. The best choices you will have are going to be Spin the Bottle and Valley Girl Impersonations. If you have Trivial Pursuit, you will find that this was one of the most popular board games at the time, although any 80s theme party game should be well received during this time. An added bonus will be in there, if you can find a retro Nintendo to share with your guests.

These are of course just some of the 80s theme party options you will have. Be sure that you think about what the 80s meant to you and take that theme and bring it to life in your own party. In addition, you will want to be sure that you take into account the ages of those attending and adjust any the 80s theme party ideas you choose to do, to make sure they remain age appropriate as well.

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