60th Birthday Party

60th Birthday Party Ideas

60th Birthday Party Ideas- Make Memories With These 60th Birthday Party Ideas

60th birthday party ideas are a great opportunity to have everyone celebrating and having a great time. 60th birthday parties can be the ideal opportunity to have friends, and family gather and celebrate the last 60 years.

Although there will be many people in the room that are too young to remember there will also be a huge amount that do. Catering for everyone’s tastes and expectations is essential as well as ensuring that the person celebrating 60th has a great time.

It is sometimes easier to choose 60th party ideas from one of the decades of their lives. Whether this be the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s there will be an era that is their favorite. If you listen to the way that they speak about that period it will often indicate their favorite one.

Once you have established the decade you can begin to plan 60th birthday party ideas here are many different ideas that you can use. The decorations and favors can all correspond with the decade, and there are some great themed items to choose from. Whatever decade you choose be sure to welcome guests with a personalized 60th birthday banner

60th Birthday Decorations

For fun 60th birthday party ideas, you can have cut outs of famous actors, and singers from the period, and get your guests to dress as people from that time. Fancy dress is always popular, and depending on what era you have chosen will determine the costumes and 60th birthday party supplies. Whether it be the rock, and roll period, or the swinging sixties everyone ill love dressing up. You can re-create a whole theme in your home, and turn your kitchen into a 50’s diner for the day, with juke boxes, thick shakes, and burgers.

60th Birthday Party Games and Activities

You have to think about 60th birthday party ideas that the birthday boy or girl will want to do, there are some 60 year olds that are very young for their age, and other would prefer a quieter event. Although a huge party may seem like a good idea they may prefer something far more low key. Music is often a key part of any birthday, and having a DJ is usually the most popular option. However, you do need to ensure that they can cater for a huge array of different music, and not simply stuff from the last 10 years.

Everyone needs to have a great time from the youngest child, to the toe tapping older generation. Karaoke is a great idea, and can give the crooners the opportunity to show off, and sing the songs from years gone by. Watching old black and white movies and pretending to go to the movies are other popular 60th birthday party ideas. You can even serve the ice creams and sodas during the interval. Although games are a huge part of any party the ones for the 60th birthday need to be selected well.

You will want everyone to join in and have fun, however, what one age enjoys another may not. You should try and choose games from the birthday person’s childhood, and cards, dominos, and simple board games may be a hit. Although this may not be popular for the children at the party so you should try to also have musical chairs, pass the parcel, and other simple 60th birthday party ideas. The day needs to be dedicated to the 60 year old, and everything they enjoy, and remember.

See these helpful 60th birthday party ideas based on memorable events for the 1950s.

60th Birthday Presents

Gift bags for the party can include a photo from their childhood, and sweets from the era, although this may be difficult they are not impossible to find. There are dedicated shops who specialize in old fashioned sweets. The cake can be a huge 60, and the decorations representing the wonderful age of 60. There are many 60th birthday party ideas that can be found even if no theme is to be used at can help to create the perfect party atmosphere.

If you plan well in advance, and find out as much as you can about the birthday recipient it will make the organization far easier. Everyone loves a good party, and it provides the perfect opportunity for friends, and family to come together. Make sure that plenty of photographs are taken for 60th birthday party ideas to use in the future, and bookmark another great event in their lives.

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