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60s Party Theme Ideas

Spreading the Love: 60s Party Theme

There was nothing more than love and peace in the 60’s and that is the approach you should take to your 60s theme party ideas for this time. With so many different options, you are going to end up having an event that inspires people and reminds them of a time when love ruled supreme.

60s Theme Party Decorations

You can create some of the amazing options for decorations from this era, by just taking a few moments and working on some paper. Because the use of symbols was heavy at this time, you will find that your room for a 60s party theme can be completely setup for almost no investment on your part.

The first thing you will want to add into the room is peace symbols. There isn’t a person around who will disagree that these are essential for a 60s themed party. In fact, you can start drawing different ones and post them all over the walls in your home and have easy décor.

In addition to these 60s party ideas, you might want to find peace symbol items to give to your guests. This can be as simple as cutting out a symbol and putting their name on it and decorating it with vibrant colors or taking any other approach you would like to in this scenario.

Along with this, keep in mind that flower power was vibrant and alive in this era as well. It is because of that you will want to consider adding flower wall cling ons and other items that take the flower power concept and deliver them to the decorations in your room for your 60s party theme. Keep in mind that these should be brightly colored and stand out among the other items that you have in your room as well.

Love beads are another popular item for a 60s party theme that you can give to people who attend your event as well. These are relatively easy to make and will require just a short period of time for you to string them together.

60s Party Theme Costumes

Think brightly colored and loose fitting clothes and you are in the right direction for this popular 60s party theme attire. In addition to that, you might want to encourage people to have their hair long and wild looking, with dew rags and baggy shirts and pants as well.

Tinted sunglasses were also very popular at this time and if you want to mirror the images of people, consider the Beatles for men and Janice Joplin for women. By doing that, you are going to find that you really capture the essence of a 60s party theme and leave people having fun with some of the different clothing options they have.

Just keep in mind that the hippie look can be fun from all angles as well. So use that as another option you will have when you are preparing the event for your guests and give them some pointers on unique wardrobe choices they have available to themselves as well. Also see this article about 60s party theme fashion to help with more ideas.

60s Party Theme Invitations

When you are looking at your invitations for this event, consider tie dye invitations and smiley faces. Along with that, take into account some of the lines from the more popular songs in this era and incorporate the lyrics into the theme of your announcement.

If you want to bring history into the mix for your 60s party theme, consider adding in images of those who are famous from the era like The Beatles, The Kennedys and even Martin Luther King and put their faces on the invitations. People are certainly going to take to these fun and exciting invitations that you are creating.

60s Party Theme Food

To get the most out of this era, you will of course need to determine what was popular during this time. Since the 1960s were big on health, it could prove to be rather tricky. Although there are some 60s party theme ideas that you can give your guests that will leave them with a smile on their face.

The first will of course by Kool Aid. It was just coming into popularity during this time, so it can certainly be considered a popular item to serve your guests when they are looking for something sweet to drink.

60s party theme food in turn can be veggie burgers, although you might want to grill some hot dogs and hamburgers instead for this. Along with that, the best cake you can serve for this era will be a pineapple upside down cake and serve it to your guests. Or you can take a moment to bring out the tie dye theme into the cake and create a confetti cake and then add different color frosting lines across the top of it. That should keep your theme going into the food that you serve as well.

60s Party Theme Games

Party games for this time can be as simple as trivia. Take the time to see who knows this period of time the best and offer them a random 60’s artifact that you have put together as a prize. You might find that some of these items are a bit of fun to make as well.

In addition to that, you might want to consider making your own tie dye shirts as a group. This can give people a chance to take something home that they made at the party that will keep the 60s party theme going into their everyday life as well.

Just be sure that you keep in mind that anything you do will need to be acceptable for the different age groups that will be attending as well. Have a few different options and alternatives in place to ensure that everyone that attends ends up having a great time at your 60s party theme and looks forward to coming to the next era celebration that you might be considering holding.

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