50s Theme Party Ideas

50s Theme Party Ideas

Host a Rocking 50s Theme Party

The 50s were a time that was dedicated to fun and rock and roll. A number of people who are from this era will attest that the different 50s theme party options from this time are among the best around.

Of course, ensure that the theme from this era is carried out into your different elements that you put into place.

50s Party Decorations

When you think about this time, quickly come up with some of the best items that can be used in terms 50s party supplies. Many of the events from the 1950s used Crete paper and guitar balloons, so you will be quickly pushed forward just by using these items.

In addition, you can use items like construction paper poodle skirts to place on the walls to help this theme continue to go as well. Remember that the skirt was pink, while the dog on the skirt was white. Of course, you will find that there are other things you can do.

Since rock and roll was big around this time, you might want to use record dangles as a form to decorate the room you are in. Additionally, if you are feeling really creative, design a jukebox to hand up on the wall as well to continue 50s theme party ideas. Or simple hang 50s diner scene setters on the walls to create a 50s theme.

50s Party Costumes

For women, the best attire will be the pink tops and poodle skirts that were popular during this era for a 50s party, or go for a “bad girl” Pink Ladies theme. Since many people will instantly associate the two with each other, be sure that you keep those in mind as possible options.

Men in turn will want to slick back their hair and wear leather jackets with white t-shirts. Their pants should fit snug and remain tight on their body as well. Or, go for a simple Elvis wig.

This is similar to the attire that most of the bad boys wore in this era and will certainly be recognized by those who are attending your event.

Of course, you can always go for the preppy approach for both men and women if you would like as well. Consider the clean cut American that was often portrayed in Leave it to Beaver or even Lassie to get some 50s theme party ideas.

See these also these free 50s theme party fashion to help spark some ideas.

50s Party Invitations

Invitations can be fun for a 50s party, so be open to using a little creativity. A good starting point will be to look at old phone clip art and even pearl necklaces.

From there you can have a wholesome and fun way to describe your event in a style that would have been fitting for 50s theme party ideas.

Just keep in mind that you can make adjustments to this as well. If you are more interested in the rock and roll 50s party approach, you can do that with personalized invitations and quote some of the different lyrics that were famous at this time.

Just be sure that you keep everything clean and in good taste, so you don’t offend any of your guests during this time either.

50s Party Food

This is going to be one of the eras where you have some fun. Hot dogs and hamburgers were widely popular during this time, so those can be easy items for you to churn out for 50s theme party ideas. In addition to that, consider popcorn and any item you would normally find in a diner, after all diners rose in popularity thanks to the 50’s.

Soda fountain drinks and shakes will be popular ideas you will have for your 50s party. Consider going with the more classic items like a cherry coke or a chocolate shake to entertain your guests. Malts are also possible, but you will need to keep in mind that they might not always be the best option if you have a large number of people to handle.

In addition to these 50s theme party ideas, have a cake that is memorable as well. A good option for this will be a record cake or one that looks like a jukebox as both of these will be the perfect way to rekindle the 1950s atmosphere.

Of course, if you want to be creative and start looking at some other options, you can creatively design a number of other options for your cake. Just be sure that you take into account that some will be more complex to design than others in this case. But with a little effort, anything will be possible.

50s Theme Party Games

One fun idea you can do is have a sock hop and dance around the room in your socks to old rock and roll tunes. Many people will have fun doing this and you can have a prize that is given to the person who has the best dance moves; or if you want to keep it fun, the wackiest ones you have ever seen.

As with most celebrations that take place in an era, you might also find that 50s party trivia will be a great idea. Since this is one of the most popular eras, you are going to find that a number of people know some of the basic items that were popular and occurred from this era.

Although, you can focus mainly on the easy ones if it helps your event go a bit more smoothly. Include something more simple like a 50s cars photo prop where each guest is photographed and pictures are given as take-home favors.

Remember, you will have a number of options available for this event. Be sure that you take your time and come up with a party that is going to leave people wanting to come back and see what you have planned next year. These are certainly fun 50s theme party ideas that anyone is going to enjoy using. Just be sure you keep to the heart and soul of the 1950s.

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