21st Birthday Party Ideas

21 is a big age for many people. The reason is the fact that they are now at the age where their life can officially take off. They are now able to make more decisions and are legally allowed to consume alcohol.

It is that item that actually crosses over into a theme for most 21st birthday ideas. With that in mind, it will be important to look 21st birthday party ideas that they will never forget.

21st Birthday Party Decorations

This is going to be the big item that you will need to focus on for 21st birthday party ideas. While party balloons and Crete paper will be fine, you will want to be sure that you are doing something that can take this to the next level, such as a personalized 21st birthday banner.

A good starting point will be to collect old beer bottles. Since the person can now drink, you can imagine that there is a good chance that they will. You can fill these beer bottles with colored water and put them in front of different lights. This will cast a fun and colorful glow across the room.

In addition to this, you can also incorporate a gambling theme in the mix for 21st birthday party ideas. Consider putting up posters of Vegas and using dice, poker chips, and cards in your decorations as well. That should help to keep your theme going and getting people interested in the event as well. The process doesn’t need to be too complicated, just think about some of the fun things you can do to liven up your 21st birthday party ideas.

21st Birthday Invitations

Since you are going to be focusing on the fact that the person is turning 21, you will want to have some fun with it. Think about some of the different things you can do in terms of themes for 21st birthday party ideas. Think fast cars shooting down the highway and martini glasses. If you want to take the Vegas theme and tie it into the invitations, you can do that as well, just be sure that when you are doing this, you have a goal in mind and that the final theme carries over to the party that you are going to be hosting.

The terminology on the invitation should be light hearted and fun. Think about some of the modern party terms you hear on a regular basis and use them in the invitation. With that, make sure you tell people that it is going to be the one event that no one will want to miss and then push forward and create a fun scenario for this event.

If drinking does become part of your 21st birthday party ideas, make sure you encourage people to crash after the party or suggest that there be a designated driver. In fact, you might want to offer that position up since you are hosting the party and will be responsible for any alcohol that is served on your property, so keep that in mind during this time as well. This is often one of the reasons why people will avoid throwing alcohol themed events for these special days, but if done properly, they can be a lot of safe fun.

21st birthday party ideas: Food & Drinks

When it comes to food and drinks for 21st birthday party ideas, you are in some dicey territory. What you will certainly want to consider is that this is a special day and it should be reflected in the food that you serve. Because of that, consider taking a look at some of the items that will often impress people such as shrimp and similar items.

Of course, you can also take the approach that there are going to be some people who would much rather have simple snacks like nachos and other easy to eat items. If the person having the birthday has a food preference, then you might want to take that into consideration as well.

Drinks are going to be all over the map. If you are going for an alcohol free approach sparkling cider and punch are great ideas. If you want to treat the new 21 year old to some booze, come up with some fun drinks that they can enjoy. See these also these free 21st birthday party ideas drinks recipes to liven up the celebration. Just keep in mind that you need to watch how much they consume and that they aren’t overdoing it their first time drinking.

21st Birthday Party Games

Chances are you are going to have a difficult time getting the guest of honor to agree to do much outside of dancing and having an overall good time. But there might be some ways you can get them to agree to let loose and have a great time with their friends and have fun.

A good game could be poker to break the ice. With this game, you can take the time to let people win chips and turn those chips in for drinks that night if you like. Just be sure you keep track of everything and ensure that everyone is having a good time.

Also be sure to check out these hilarious gag gifts and 21st birthday presents.

Another fun game can be trivia from the year the birthday child was born. If there was a special event that occurred on their birthday, you can certainly turn that into one of the questions you ask. Just be sure that you keep the questions fairly easy and have a set of prizes that people are going to love.

Remember, there are going to be plenty of options for 21st birthday party ideas that you throw. Be sure that you take your time and think about the personality this individual has and determine if they are going to have a fun time with the different items you setup. It is after all their special day, so the focus should remain on 21st birthday party ideas that this individual is going to enjoy doing.

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