18th Birthday

18th Birthday Party Ideas

18th Birthday Party Ideas to Make the Coming-of-Age Occasion Memorable

In the olden days, the 18th birthday party for a girl was a coming-of-age party where she was formally introduced to society. Of course, the main purpose of the celebration then was to allow the eligible bachelors in the crowd to meet the young lady in the hopes of marrying her.

Fortunately for parents in the modern society, the following 18th birthday party ideas are not meant to marry off their daughters at such an early age.

Instead, these ideas are designed to make the coming-of-age party as memorable as can be in the same way that Mexican parents do for their daughters’ quinceñera or Jewish parents for their daughters’ bat mitzvah.

Choose the Theme

Every birthday party must start with a theme. Whatever theme you choose, a nice touch is a personalized 18th birthday party banner.

This time, however, your daughter may want something more grown-up to mark her coming-of-age party. The following ideas are a few of the more popular ones that we can suggest:

Ball Gown Party – In many countries of the world, 18th birthday party ideas revolve around ball gowns for the debutante and her court. Or, a more modern twist could be a masquerade party theme. Usually, a single color is chosen for the theme so much so that the whole place from the decorations to the cake is awash in. As a formal party, there will be a banquet complete with a cake as well as the traditional 18 symbols like the roses, dances, candles and toasts from the guests.

Concert Party – If your daughter is not into formal parties, you may suggest a concert party where a favorite live band will play. The attire can be as casual, the food simple fare like hamburger and fries, and the venue similar to a disco.
Beach Party – You may also have a beach party where bikinis are the attire of the day. Just like any beach party, the 18th birthday party decorations, food and activities are casual with a touch of the ocean like seashell centerpieces, starfish chocolate favors and beach volleyball games.
Send the Invitations

Once the theme has been settled, you can proceed to choosing the venue for the 18th birthday party idea. For example, if it is a ball gown party, then it makes sense to book a ballroom or a similar venue. Usually, the date of the party coincides with the actual birth date of the celebrant but it can also be before or after depending on the available schedule for all the parties concerned.

After booking the venue, invitations can then be sent to the guests. Your invitations can be as formal as the printed-on-paper types or as casual as an e-mail or a text message depending on the theme.

Coordinate with the Professionals

You still have so many other things to do once the invitations have been sent out at least 3 months in advance of the actual date. Among your to-do list are the following:

Hire the entertainment people who can either be a live band or a DJ with a disco set-up.
Book the caterer. Your choice of food and beverages will be influenced by the theme so much so that the caterer must be notified well in advance of the types of food desired by the debutante.
With all these 18th birthday party ideas, you are now ready to give your daughter her memorable debut into society.

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